Pink Floyd vs MetropolisMetropolis meets Pink Floyd

Metropolis meets Pink Floyd is a cinematic and musical feast of the senses. The science fiction classic film Metropolis is matched with carefully selected musical tracks from the work of Pink Floyd which draw parallels with the subject matter of Metropolis and presented in a live format with the Pink Floyd tribute act, “Shrink Floyd”. There are concurrent themes that run through both the Film and the sound track we have selected: technology, ambition, absence, the interaction of humans and machines as well as the disturbance and divisions in class society.   

Exclusive Preview Events 2014

The format was presented at The Kings Theatre, Portsmouth and The Midlands Arts Centre (mac), Birmingham

on September 25th and October 11th to an audience who reacted with glowing reviews. Clips of the live footage can be found on our Youtube Channel.

metropolis meets pink floyd

"The band chose a great selection of Floyd tracks, not dwelling for too long on any particular album. Normally, 'greatest hits' albums often dilute the power of the songs from the original album story, but the playlist gelled superbly with the film so it all felt part of one piece. The film was always going to stand up to the viewing (Empire voted it no 12 in the top 100 world movies of all time), especially in the grand setting of the Kings Theatre, so the question was whether the band could do justice to Pink Floyd. And they most certainly did. Very faithful recreations of the tunes and the band knew that it wasn't all about the music and let the film do a lot of the talkingShrink Floyd gave the film the grandeur that Fritz Lang would have dreamed about, a fantastic experience for first time viewers and for the seasoned Metropolis audience". 

Toby Meredith, Independent film producer.

metropolis meets pink floyd

"Fantastic evening, one of the best things I have seen/heard for a long time, we loved it’’

Councillor, Terry Hall, Portsmouth. 

"An extraordinarily fantastic performance last night at The mac in Birmingham, have been spreading the word for friends to catch this magnificent amalgamation of stellar cinema and live musicianship.”

Tara Tindal, Birmingham.